Apply Security Updates 

  • Updates are automatically applied for Mac OSX Operating system, Firefox, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, Java, Adium, Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client, and Microsoft Office.
  • If you require administrative privileges in order to apply patches for other applications email with a description of your needs. We'll apply updates for you or
    delegate privileges such that you are able to install the update yourself.

  Enable and Configure Event Logging 

Generally enabled by default, checked by BME IT before deployment.

  Operate with a standard OS X account 

Running as an administrator?  Administrative accounts are granted the ability to virtually perform anything on the computer. Everyone's computer has an administrative account, and many users have the tendency to operating their computer in an administrative mode.

With an administrative account, malware/viruses have an easier time:

  • Hiding itself in the system to install rootkits, backdoors, keyloggers
  • Creating new administrative accounts
  • Accessing and running privileges services
  • Using an infected system to attack other vulnerable computers on the network

Users will operate under a standard OSX account for normal everyday tasks. 

             Include your UTEID, the UT tag # of the computer, and the task that requires elevation in the email.
  • Laptops will be configured with an alternate admin account solely for use when privilege elevation is required to install software or updates.

  Password Complexity 

  Secure unattended computers 

  1. Click Apple Menu
  2. Click System Preferences
  3. Selct Energy Saver
  4. Configure the time to place the system in sleep mode.
  5. Set a password to regain access to the system upon recovery:
    • Click on Apple Menu
    • Click System Preferences
    • Click Security & Privacy

Check Require password for sleep and screen saver (immediately).

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