UT owned PCs running Windows will be added to the austin.utexas.edu domain, configured for centralized patch management and encrypted before deployment. 

Note:  Microsoft is no longer providing support for Windows XP.  Please ensure a plan to upgrade your system(s) that have been identified.

  Antivirus-Malware-Spyware Protection 

BME-IT deploys the products below to all Windows clients

FireAMP - Sourcefire

  Applying Security Updates in Windows 

Security updates are automatically deployed to Windows clients. Notify bme-it@utexas.edu if you are not receiving updates, or have any issues.

  Enable Windows Firewall 

The windows firewall is automatically enabled and configured.

  Operate with a Standard Windows Account 

Running as an administrator?  Administrative accounts are granted the ability to virtually perform anything on the computer. Everyone's computer has an administrative account, and many users have the tendency to operating their computer in an administrative mode.

With an administrative account, malware/viruses have an easier time:

  • Hiding itself in the system to install rootkits, backdoors, keyloggers.
  • Creating new administrative accounts
  • Accessing and running privileges services
  • Using an infected system to attack other vulnerable computers on the network

  • Users will log in using their UTEID and password and will automatically be assigned normal account privileges for everyday tasks.

  • Desktop users that require administrative access should contact bme-it@utexas.edu
              Include your UTEID, the UT tag # of the computer, and the task that requires access in the email.

  • Laptops will be configured with an alternate admin account solely for use when privilege elevation is required to install software or updates.

 Password Complexity 

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