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This page will be frequently updated to include answers to questions that are being sent to BSoM staff and administration. In addition to the information on this page, here are some links to College and University-level sources:

Facility Use during Campus Closure 


MRH is officially shut down for electrical and HVAC renovations until mid-August. There will be no access to MRH until the power has been turned back on. MBE is accessible for faculty and staff with a high-assurance UT ID, but everyone should follow all precautionary guidelines if/when on campus (wear a mask). If you have an old ID, access will need to be coordinated with Russell Podgorsek. Any access issues should be reported to or 512 900 0666. No students will have access to the Butler School building during the summer.


Do not have any mail sent to 2406 Robert Dedman Drive. The University has given permission to ship pro-card purchases to personal residences. For the summer, any mail delivered to the Butler School will come straight to Tony Zapata's temporary office in MBE.


Lockers have been cleaned out and the locks changed. If you had a UT owned instrument (instrument room or LHB) it will be checked in for you. If you had a UT library book or materials from the BSOM music library it will be checked in for you. If you have a personal instrument or other belongings, they are being stored for pickup once building access has returned to normal.

Performances & Recitals

Publicizing streamed concerts

If you are streaming a performance from home and would like to make it publicly available, feel free to send your information to and Page Stephens will post it on our web calendar!

Student Recitals

All Recognition in Music Performance Recitals and Non-Degree Recitals were canceled after Spring Break in Spring 2020 and recital fees have been removed from accounts or refunded. Fall 2020 recital protocol is undecided; decisions will be communicated to students in late summer. 

All recitals that were planned for the remainder of Spring 2020 by students who did not graduate in May will maintain the recital fee on your account and be counted towards a rescheduled recital. If you need that fee temporarily removed in order to sign up for classes, contact Page Stephens at 

Resources for Faculty

Online Teaching Tools

Here are portions of that video that are particularly useful:

4:15-7:48   Audio settings for Zoom that improve sound dramatically. Most of you do not have or need an interface, so please disregard his statements about his Duet interface. At 5:00, there are excellent instructions about how to select your external microphone (if you have recently obtained one) for use within Zoom.

7:48-8:56  Description of how to use an iPad as a document projector or whiteboard within Zoom. The iPad would need to be dedicated to that task, so Zoom would need to be running on a separate desktop or laptop.

16:08-16:51  Sharing screen with computer sound: a description of how to share video and/or audio from your computer within Zoom.

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