When you schedule your recital through the Scheduling department, a recording engineer will automatically be assigned to record your performance by the Recording Services Manager. When your recital recording is completed, you will receive a confirmation email from the recording services manager that includes a download link and instructions for you to retrieve your recording. All questions regarding recital/concert recordings should be sent to the Recording Services Manager at astoltz@austin.utexas.edu. 

Recital recordings are processed and linked in the order that they occur on the calendar. While every attempt is made to get recordings out quickly, during our busiest months (November–December and April–May), this process may take up to 10 days.

All graduate student recitals (M.M., D.M.A. and Lecture Recitals) are catalogued for archival purposes by The University of Texas Libraries. Recital programs are necessary to complete this process – without them, the library is unable to complete their archival process. As with all other recitals, these are to be submitted to the Student Programs Office (StudentRecitalPrograms@mail.music.utexas.edu). See the Student Recital Programs section for more informationIf you fail to provide a finished program, your program recording will be withheld until a program is on file. 

At this time, Recording Services cannot record rehearsals. Dress rehearsals are not staffed, and therefore any technical needs will need to be met by the performers/ensemble themselves. In the event of a special circumstance (i.e. significant recording projects, reinforcement needs and other heavy technical requirements), arrangements must be made with the Recording Services Manager well in advance to make proper accommodations.

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