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Butler School of Music (BSOM) jury information for undergraduate and graduate music students is listed below. The jury sheets, FDFJ forms, jury levels/sequences and links on the performance division information page are downloadable PDFs. To learn more about these, and for how to schedule your jury & how/when to submit your jury sheet (if a jury sheet is required for your area), please review the BSOM jury information for the semester listed.

In general, most BSOM juries are held during the first two days of the official final examination period as follows:

  • Fall semester juries: On the Thursday and Friday immediately following the last class day of the fall semester
  • Spring semester juries: On the Wednesday and Thursday immediately following the last class day of the spring semester

Fall 2019 jury dates are Dec. 12-13, 2019. To help you plan for the spring, the Spring 2020 jury dates are expected to be May 13-14, 2020.

Please note: No official juries or unofficial "mock" juries are allowed during the no-class days occurring after the last class day of the semester and before the beginning of the final exam period, as noted in the academic calendar.

After reviewing the information below, if you have questions that your performance instructor or division head cannot answer, please contact Stephen Wray <>.

Fall 2019 BSOM Jury Scheduling & Instructions

Need to postpone your jury? 


Note: No jury sheets are required for Brass, Wind, Percussion (BWP), Collaborative Piano, Conducting, Jazz, or Voice/Opera.

FDFJ FORMS (Full Division Faculty Jury) - Note: These do not replace a required jury sheet.

  • For Performance majors - To apply for Upper-Division Standing in Music Performance
  • For Non-Performance majors - To apply for consideration for Recognition in Performance (formerly known as the Certificate of Recognition in Performance).
  • Please note earlier deadline on the form for Non-Performance majors!

The FDFJ forms are only for undergraduate music students.

BSOM Jury Levels/Sequences

This PDF has information about jury levels/sequences for each performance division.

BSOM Performance Division Information

Currently, Brass/Winds/Percussion division, Strings division and Vocal Arts division information is available.

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