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Community Building

I’m new to Austin and want to meet teachers and get involved in schools! Where and how can I do that?

Networking with teacher education cohort coordinators is a good starting point. The university has strong partnerships with local schools—speak with a faculty member to find out more about these partnerships. You can also check with graduate students who are former area teachers.

How do I find out about events on and off of campus?

Check the C&I website for upcoming events. The CANDIGRAD listserv is a valuable source of information for current graduate students in the department. Contact Stephen Flynn to subscribe to CANDIGRAD. Your program area might also have relevant email distribution   lists.


I’m employed by the university as a Teaching Assistant (TA), Assistant Instructor (AI), or Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) for at least 20 hours—what are my benefits?

 Please see the TA, AI and GRA information page for benefits and direct further questions to Jim Maxwell, Executive Assistant.

I’m employed by the department—who can I talk to about questions related to human resources or finances?

 Jim Maxwell, Excecutive Assistant, can answer most HR and financial questions related to your appointment as a TA, AI, or GRA.

I’d like to be employed by the department or the university—where can I find out about job opportunities at UT?

 First, check with your program area advisor for available opportunities in your program area. If there are not current positions in the department, think about your skill set and approach other departments. Past C&I students have worked for departments in the College of Liberal Arts and the School of Undergraduate Studies, among others.

I’m looking for work experience. Where can I find job opportunities or internships?

 Check with your program area advisor for available opportunities in the Austin area. The College of Education’s Career Services currently focuses on opportunities for undergraduates, but may also be relevant.


I’m graduating! What do I need to do?

 For doctoral students, you will need to apply to graduate online, schedule your Final Oral Exam in consultation with your dissertation committee, and submit your dissertation to the Office of Graduate Studies by the last Friday of the semester.  For master's students, you will need to notify the Graduate Coordinator of your intent to graduate so they can set your profile (specifying whether you will be completing an M.A. or M.Ed. and whether you be choosing the report thesis, or no thesis/no report option), apply to graduate online, and submit your thesis or report by the last Friday of the semester, if you choose the thesis or report option.  For more information, please see the Graduate School's Deadlines & Submission Instructions page.

Registration & Enrollment

How do I take a class Credit/No Credit?

Students can change the grade status of a class to or from Credit/No Credit during regular online registration and the add-drop period up to the 4th official class day of a long semester. Beyond that it must be done via the departmental office using the appropriate Add/Drop Form (paper forms are also available in SZB 436). The final deadline for CR/NCR changes can be found in the UT academic calendars.

Note: Only 20% of your coursework may be CR/NCR.

How do I enroll in a restricted class?

If a course is restricted by the department or is full, you will need Instructor approval before you can register. This must be conveyed via email or paper form to Ann Ford in the Graduate Student Services office, SZB 436J, along with your EID and the unique number of the course. All Individual Instruction courses are restricted. To enroll in one of these, you must turn in the appropriate Individual Instruction Consent Form, signed by your supervisor, and register yourself for the course once the restriction is lifted. 

I missed a registration deadline—what do I do?

 Check you Registration Information Sheet for your next online registration access period. If you have missed the last access period, you must file a Late Registration Form to register. Paper forms are also available in SZB 436. This form must be signed by your instructors, the graduate adviser and the graduate Dean (in MAI 101) and turned in to the Registrar’s office (MAI 1). Then you must confirm registration and pay any fees due. Contact Ann Ford for further questions about this process.

*Note: Restricted courses must be added by the department offering the course.

The new semester has just started. I checked my registration record, and all of my classes have disappeared. Registration is closed and I have no classes. What happened and what do I do?

If you miss the payment deadline or fail to confirm your registration the Registrar will automatically delete your classes. Even if you have a zero fee bill, you must confirm registration online. To re-register, you must complete the late registration process as outlined in the previous FAQ. Payment must be made along with any late fee by the 12th class day or you will be dropped again.

Scholarships, Grants, & Funding

I’m looking for scholarships, grants and other funding opportunities. Where can I find deadlines and requirements?

Stephen Flynn, Graduate Admissions Coordinator, can answer questions about grants, scholarships and funding opportunities.

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