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Please submit these forms to Ann Ford in the Curriculum and Instruction Graduate Studies Services office in SZB 436 or by email to You will be able to register for classes after they have been submitted.

Individual Instruction Consent Forms

Advising Bar Removal Form (pdf)
All students except doctoral candidates must do this every semester.

Department Add/Drop Form (pdf)
This form is to add or drop a course OR change the grade status of a course outside the online Add/Drop period (between the 4th and 12th day of classes, or 2nd and 4th day in Summer).

Late Registration Form (pdf)

Late registration for long semesters is after the 5th class day; for summer sessions, after the 3rd class day) After the 12th day of the long semesters or the 4th day of any summer session, this form must be accompanied by a petition letter from the graduate adviser showing a compelling reason for the late registration, and is subject to approval by the Graduate Dean. 

Time Conflict Form (pdf)
This form is to register for two or more courses that conflict in time OR to select Credit/No Credit for the grade status of two or more of the same Individual Instruction courses.

Graduate Add-Drop Form
This is a triplicate form for adds, drops and grade status change after the 12th class day and not available as a pdf.  It can be picked up from SZB 436 or the graduate studies office in MAI 101.

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