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How does this project fit with the strategy?


Project owner: Simone M Vidauri

Team members: Deborah L Degezelle Nuria E Ayala



Problem space

Why are we doing this?

Problem statement

What are the items remaining to be completed in order for Stage 2 to be a success?

Impact of this problem

There's the possibility for an inefficient experience without membership automation.

How do we judge success?

Complete automation of membership with the ability to easily amend the parameters for said membership.

What are possible solutions?

Automate process to update member status once necessary product is purchased.


What do we already know?

Product purchase amount per level of membership

What do we need to answer?

Is there a grace period for payment? How will this effect membership? Will the anniversary date versus the payment date effect membership?

Ready to make it

What are we doing?

Streamlined process fro customer billing. Membership that runs efficiently with fewest number of clicks and little room for error.

Why will a customer want this?

No fuss, no muss membership.

Visualize the solution

Scale and scope

Will have to get Ventas involved to realize goal

Task List

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