CII members and subscribers will be managed in Salesforce from the point they become known as prospects to after the sale, in anticipation of annual renewals. The Campaign app will manage the process of tracking prospects and renewals. Within each campaign, prospects or renewals will be managed as Opportunities. Once opportunities convert to a "Sale" then they can be billed in the Billings app and the accounts receivables will be tracked in the Collections app.

Sounds like a lot? Well, it is, kind of, but it also offers the staff the opportunity to:

  1. Know our customers better than ever before.
  2. Engage and personalize each transaction.

Billing - Quick Overview

Presentation- Billing - updated.pptx

Billing - Deeper Dive

Presentation- Billing- long.pptx

CII members and subscribers will be managed in Salesforce. In 2019, the data will be integrated with CII's Quckbooks.