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DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
  • Michael E Burns  Complete project poster for Events and Marketing
29 Aug 2018Michael E BurnsEvents and Marketing
29 Aug 2018Simone M VidauriMembership Prospecting, Billing, Tracking
30 Aug 2018Deborah L DegezelleAccounts and Contacts
  • Susan M Quaglino Review imports and come up with testing plan to ensure data quality.
04 Sep 2018Susan M QuaglinoCommittees, Teams, CBAs + Attendance
  • Erika S Corbell  Confirm fields to be added to Price book, map fields to CII_Pubs_for_Kentico
11 Sep 2018Erika S CorbellPublications, Publishing, Subscriptions

 Completed tasks

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
22 Aug 2018Deborah L DegezelleCII Salesforce Training
  • Ila Awasthi   Create custom table to display CII members list on Kentico
24 Aug 2018Ila AwasthiKentico
  • Ila Awasthi Establish connection to Kentico
24 Aug 2018Ila AwasthiMulesoft
  • Brendan Miller Add "assignment roles" such as Knowledge Management, etc
30 Aug 2018Brendan MillerCommittees, Teams, CBAs + Attendance