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How does this project fit with the strategy?



Problem space

Why are we doing this?

Problem statement

The publications demographic information currently stored in iMIS linked to Kentico for the Knowledge Base via the iMIS SQL query "CII_Pubs_for_Kentico".

Impact of this problem

Knowledge Base will break unless pub info is imported into Salesforce and query is tweaked and reconnected.

How do we judge success?

The publication info continues to be feed properly into Knowledge Base.

What are the steps?

  • Export all existing pub demographics info from iMIS and Pub Portal (DONE)
  • Clean up data (In Progress)
  • Create all necessary fields in Salesforce
  • Import the clean data into Salesforce
  • Review and tweak existing SQL query (CII_Pubs_for_Kentico)
  • Review and tweak custom table and scheduled task (Import Publications) in Kentico
  • Test, tweak as needed, and deploy


What do we already know?

We have to clean up the publications demographic info from iMIS and the Pub Portal.

  • Streamline to a single product per title (no more _E)
  • Rename all fields to actual contents (Title field can now hold the title)

Currently, the SQL query is pulling the following 18 data fields: ItemID, Title, Description, PRODUCT_CODE, PRODUCT_CODE_E, PubDate, ProductType, Status, PageCount, ShortDescription, Member_Price, NonMember_Price, TeamCode, Location, HardCopyAvailable, ECopyAvailable, KnowledgeArea, Pub_Author as CopyAvailable.

What do we need to answer?

Are there any publications that we can purge?

What pub info do we need to keep and what can we purge?

Ready to make it

What are we doing?

Why will a customer want this?

The customer will enjoy that KB continues to work.

Visualize the solution

Scale and scope

Task List

  • Erika S Corbell  Confirm fields to be added to Price book, map fields to CII_Pubs_for_Kentico

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