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Digital Literacy, Equity & Technology in the Professional Development Sequence (2021-22)

Digital literacy is a key theme throughout the PDS. You will learn about and with different technologies, tools, and literacies that will become part of your practice as a teacher. To ensure each of you has an equitable opportunity to learn in this area, we require you to have a laptop that meets the minimum requirements to take full advantage of learning opportunities.

Who needs a laptop?

Students entering the Professional Development Sequence (PDS) in the following certification areas are required to have a laptop:

  • EC-6 ESL & Bilingual
  • PETE
  • Special Education
  • UTeach Fine Arts
  • Urban Teachers (UTUT)

Which laptop do I need?

You may use a Mac or Windows laptop, as long as it meets the following specifications. Chromebooks do not meet the requirement.

Minimum Specifications

  • 8 GB memory
  • 256 GB hard drive space
  • Apple: macOS Big Sur
  • Windows: Windows 10

Will a tablet meet the requirement?

Tablets do not meet the requirement because some in-class and field experience tasks require the keyboard form factor and operating system of a laptop.

Where do I buy a laptop?

You may purchase a laptop from the vendor of your choice. The Campus Computer Store and manufacturers such as Apple and Dell offer discounts for students.

What digital literacy support resources are available?

The Office of Instructional Innovation (OI2) provides a number of support resources within Canvas. These include:

Where can I go for help?

For hardware troubleshooting or equipment checkout, contact the ITO Help Desk at

For Canvas, Zoom, or email help, contact ITS at or 512-475-9400.

For project or assignment help, contact your instructor for next steps first. If you need support with the digital aspects of an assignment, they may refer you to OI2.

* Because the requirement is in place, cost will be included in your financial aid package from the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid. Visit Texas One Stop with questions or for more information.

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