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Day 1

Logon to Lonestar6:

ssh <your_tacc_account>

# For example:

When you're at the TACC command prompt, execute the commands below to customize your TACC environment.

# Create some handy symbolic links
ln -sf $SCRATCH scratch
ln -sf $WORK2 work
ln -sf /work/projects/BioITeam/projects/courses/Core_NGS_Tools CoreNGS

# Create a directory that will be added to your PATH, where 
# you can put custom programs and scripts
mkdir -p ~/local/bin
cd ~/local/bin
ln -sf /work/projects/BioITeam/common/bin/

# Set up a custom login script we'll use for this course.
# First back up any existing .bashrc file
if [[ -f ~/.bashrc && ! -f .bashrc.beforeCoreNGS ]]; then
  mv ~/.bashrc ~/.bashrc.beforeCoreNGS
cp /work/projects/BioITeam/projects/courses/Core_NGS_Tools/tacc/bashrc.corengs.ls6  ~/.bashrc
chmod 600 ~/.bashrc
source ~/.bashrc

After executing the above commands, your Terminal's command prompt should look like this:


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