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Next Meeting

September 18, 2017

Please join us on September 18th at 7PM at the Cepeda Branch of the Austin Public Library to discuss voting rights.


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About us

This is a collaborative site for participants of the Democracy and Community Action Reading Group, co-sponsored by the Humanities Institute and the Austin Public Library. We meet on the third Thursday of every month at the Cepeda Branch of the APL. The purpose of this site is to share resources and engage in discussion with other participants. 


Ask a Question/Start a Discussion!

Community Action Ideas
Hi everyone! Here's a thought: what if we spent about 30 minutes at the end of each meeting writing letters to our representatives? We could write on an issue related to the discussion, or just write regarding the most recent developments, but it would be a good way to support each other in practicing civic engagement. Let me know if you like this idea!


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