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Dr. Lilly

Wise Words from the VP
Hear from Dr. Lilly how our Strategic Directions will help us influence ALL students in living the Longhorn life.

Living the Longhorn Life

Living the Longhorn Life
Listen to our students as they explain there’s more than one way to be a Longhorn.

Open House

You're Invited
Come take a break, socialize and check out our space on Oct. 16.

Housing staff

What's Happening
Get a recap of the 2018-2019 Kickoff and meet the student leaders who joined us. 

Whisper Challenge

Whisper Challenge with Dr. Lilly
Watch and find out if Dr. Lilly can name that tune.

Marcus Mayes

Why I Work in Student Affairs
Learn how this team member is making a positive first impression on students.

Family Weekend

Live the Longhorn Life at Family Weekend
Check out these events where families will see campus through their student’s eyes.

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