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The Office of the Registrar ( coordinates the course registration process for all students at The University. Each semester, current students register for classes for the next semester. New incoming students register for classes in the few days before classes start.

Before Registering

Review the Course Schedule. The course schedule is published online before advising and registration begin for each semester. The course schedule lists each class, its time, location, instructor (if available), and its unique number. The unique number is the five- digit code that students will enter in the registration system to be added to one particular course. Students will also see the headnote information about the class including prerequisites, restrictions, and additional descriptions:

Get advised. Meet with your faculty advisor to discuss planned courses. Once the faculty advisor approves the student’s schedule, the faculty advisor will submit notice to the graduate coordinator for removal of the advising bar.
Check the Registration Information Sheet – this website displays registration access times for the student.


Online Registration. Each semester, students register for classes for the next semester. Registration is only available online through the Registrar’s website during the student’s individual access period. Outside software is not allowed at The University to add classes. To add a class, enter the unique number next to “Add”, and click the update button. This will add the course to the student’s schedule at the bottom of the page. Registration is complete when the student pays the tuition bill.

Optional Fees. During registration, students are able to select optional items for purchase such as parking permits, Cactus yearbook, The Big Ticket, Speaker Series Pass, Analecta (literary/arts journal), Department of Theatre and Dance tickets, and Performing Arts Center tickets.

Cognate (Out-of-Department) Courses. Students must check the department headnote in the course schedule to determine if the class is limited to students only within the program. If a student chooses to take a restricted out-of-department class, they will need to seek approval from the faculty member teaching the course as well as the graduate coordinator of that department for permission to register.


Finishing Registration

Paying your Tuition Bill. Students complete registration once they have paid their tuition and fee bill. Students have the option to pay in full or in installments during the fall or spring semester, and only pay in full in summer. Students who do not pay tuition on time will be dropped from their classes and will need to register late for classes. To pay the tuition bill and view tuition deadlines.

Changing your Schedule. Students may add or drop classes if they have registered and paid for courses in a previous registration period. Add/Drop period lasts during the days before classes begin as well as the first few days of the semester. To view the add/drop period, visit your Registration Information Sheet online (RIS).


Assigned textbooks will be announced through the professor’s syllabus as well as on Blackboard. Students have many options for textbooks and are not required to purchase from one particular supplier. Here are a few of the common retailers:


Canvas is the new website for instructors to communicate with their students. Your courses for the semester will automatically add to your Canvas page. Instructors will upload the course syllabus, faculty biography as well as assignments to this website.


The Sanger Learning center welcomes any UT Austin graduate student to take advantage of individualized writing consultations across all disciplines. Students may bring in any writing project, ranging from a fellowship application or C.V. to an article for publication, a master's thesis, or even a dissertation.


The University of Texas Library Department is one of the top-ten ranked systems in the nation. With various locations and services available to students, the UT Library will greatly assist in the educational journey. The main library is the Perry-Casteñeda Library (PCL) at the corner of Speedway and 21st Street next to the Sanchez Building. Services available through the UT Library include:

Online Research Tools: Borrowing items:
Ask A Librarian:
Subject Librarians:
Group Study Rooms: Library Instruction: EndNote FAQ: NoodleBib:

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