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ELPSA - Educational Leadership and Policy Student Organization

The Education Leadership and Policy Student/Professional Association (ELPSA)

ELPSA is an association of higher educational leadership and policy students studying at master’s and doctoral levels. In an effort to foster relationships and communication among students, faculty, administration, and the profession. ELPSA aims to advance higher education administration through professional development, leadership, community building and networking, service, and mentorship.

 To sign up for ELPSA Listserv:

          >Go to:

>On the left hand sidebar click “Subscribe”     

          >It will prompt, “Are you sure?”

          >Click OK

  >Enter your email address. You will receive a verification email and you will enter the password of your choice.

   >Once you’re signed in with your password, go to the other two addresses and click “subscribe” in the sidebar.

>It will prompt, “Are you sure?”

          >Click OK


 (Use “Your Preferences” in the top left corner under your sign-in info to manage your email addresses and subscriptions.

FYI: If you’re looking for housing I also recommend the GCN-Housing Listserv (search for it on UTLists).


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