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Program in Higher Education Leadership (PHEL)

Department of Educational Leadership & Policy

The University of Texas at Austin

Name of Intern: Joe Grad Student

Internship Supervisor: 
Cassandre Giguere Alvarado, Coordinator FIG Program
Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
CRD 23 (512) 232-3447

Semester Registered: Fall 2012

Internship Start Date: 9/15/2012 Internship End Date: 12/15/2012

Weekly Work Hours: M-F 9am-11am

Description of work to be performed:
This internship will explore issues related to the training of student peer mentors for the Freshman Interest Group (FIG) Program. While learning about the FIG program in general, you will do research related to FIG mentors at other institutions and review UT-Austin's training process.

 Specific Goals to be met:

  • Produce a written summary of peer mentor process at other institutions
  • Collect data on and produce five new lesson plans for peer manual
  • Update material in existing manual
  • Organize the logistics for four training sessions
  • Conduct one segment of training (topic to be discussed later)

Expected Learning Outcomes:

  • To practice using research skills
  • To develop writing skills
  • To enhance student programming skills
  • To enhance speaking and visual presentation skills

Additional Conditions:
Weekend work is required on 10/7/2012 & 11/11/2012
Casual or student dress is acceptable
Shared workstation will be kept neat and organized

Faculty Contact (for evaluation letter):
Dr. Marilyn C. Kameen, Professor
Department of Educational Leadership & Policy
SZB 348 D5400

Copy of final project submitted: (date)

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