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Officers for 2022-2023

Chair: Phillip Salazar

Vice Chair:  Michael Schmidt

Treasurer:  Jessica Luhn

Historians:  Lacy White

Recorder:  Konavis Smith

Chair Elect: Clare Thoman

Committee Chairs for 2022-2023

Professional Development: Clare Thoman

Communication/Web: Lacy White and Katherine Morales

Mentoring: Lacy White

Liaison: Michael Schmidt


Bylaws/Nominations: Konavis Smith

Finance: Jessica Luhn

Grad Fair: 

2022-2023 Membership: 

Jessica Luhn, Katherine MoralesPhillip Salazar, Michael Schmidt, Konavis SmithClare Thoman, Lacy White

Ex Officio Members: Shannon Neuse (GIAC), Julie Meyer (Graduate School), Mimi Ghosh (International Office), Trina Manor (Financial Aid), Gordon Lipscomb (Financial Aid)

Questions or comments for the entire executive committee can be addressed to:

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