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Welcome to all Graduate Coordinators at UT Austin! This Wiki is maintained by the Executive

Committee of the GCN to keep our network connected.

The Graduate Coordinator Network (GCN) is a nonprofit, voluntary, professional association

of graduate coordinators representing around 12,818 graduate students in approximately 103

departments and programs across the University of Texas at Austin. The mission of the GCN is to

serve as a dynamic and professional mentoring, training, and resource development group for

Graduate Coordinators who support UT's students, faculty, and graduate programs.

In addition to the monthly GCN General Meetings, the GCN provides a variety of training

workshops, professional development, events and networking opportunities throughout the year.

The GCN also offers training and support to new Graduate Coordinators. In addition to the

resources found on the pages below, we recommend bookmarking the GCN Calendar, as well as

joining the GCN Team and Listserv:

GCN on MS Teams >

GCN Calendar >

GCN Email Listserv >

List of GCs >

GCN Wiki Contents:

Search the GCN Wiki:

Note: If you can't find the information you are looking for in the GCN Team or the GCN Wiki, please email Lacy White or Kat Morales (GCN Communications Committee Co-Chairs).

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