The Graduate Coordinator Network's listserv is an e-mail list that is used (alongside the GCN Team in MS Teams) as a forum for discussion and collaboration among GCN members. The listserv is a restricted email list, and subscription is optional.

Emails sent to the GCN Listserv are sent to all GCN members subscribed to the listserv. For this reason, before sending an email to the listserv, please be sure to evaluate whether the email should be sent to the entire listserv, or if it is more appropriate to send it directly to a specific person(s).

The GCN listserv is "owned" by the Executive Committee of the Graduate Coordinator Network. If you would like to subscribe to the listserv:

  • Go to the GCN Listserv page
  • Make sure you're logged in
  • Click "Subscribe" (link may be on the left side of the page)

Listserv Etiquette Guidelines:

The following is a list of etiquette guidelines for when one utilizes the GCN Listserv. Please remember, the listserv is provided to exchange academic information regarding graduate education and to share new ideas and skills that directly pertain to your job as a Graduate Coordinator. Since there are so many people subscribed to the list, it is important that everyone utilize the listserv appropriately. Please follow these simple guidelines when using the listserv:

  1. The listserv is unable to accept solicitations of any kind. This includes spamming or conducting or sponsoring any business which is outside The University, including, but not limited to, sales, leases, and advertising of sales or leases for others.
  2. Personal inquiries or personal broadcasts are inappropriate. An example would be setting up personal lunch meetings, complaining to another coordinator, or asking a specific question that is not directly related to work as a graduate coordinator.
  3. If discussions continue at length between two or three people only, it may be necessary to ask those interested in the subject to continue it off-list.
  4. Messages should be written with professionalism. Messages that contain obscene or insulting material will not be accepted. The list owner may limit discussions that become unproductive, spiteful, or debasing to others.
  5. Please do not forward an email to the listserv without requesting permission from the originator of the email. An author or originator of the email may not want it broadcast to the listserv. Therefore, please do not forward their email to the listserv without prior written approval from the author/originator.
  6. When you reply to an email sent from the listserv, please do not reply to the entire listserv unless you are ABSOLUTELY sure you want all listserv subscribers to receive your message. Most of the time, it is not necessary to reply to the entire group. Please choose this option wisely. Remember: hitting 'reply' to a listserv email will likely reply to the entire list, not the individual who sent the email.

We are providing you with these listserv guidelines as a reminder of their purpose, which is to provide you with a communication tool for discussion and for program administration issues. We appreciate your adhering to these guidelines.

Please note that if a subscriber is unable to comply with the listserv etiquette guidelines, that person may be removed from the listserv.

How to Send an Email to the GCN Listserv

  • Make sure you are Subscribed to the GCN Listserv
  • Review the Listserv Etiquette Guidelines above before composing/sending your email
  • When you're ready to send, put the GCN Listserv email address in the "To" line: 

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