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JobIDPIDescription of JobReward
GA13001AEWrite code in Python or R to calculate descriptive statistics on a dataset. The dataset will contain between 1 and 100 million lines with each line containing 1 to 10 categorical variables and 1 to 10 continuous variables (i.e. 2 to 20 total factors).To be negotiated; inquire
GA13002SPHSReview about five hundred Agilent BioAnalyzer data files on about 1500 samples, extracting mean and standard deviation (skewness and kurtosis also desired but optional) into a new data table. Extract similar-size data from excel files containing qPCR data and from final sequencing output. The end result will be one data table with 1500 rows and about 10 columns.To be negotiated; inquire
GA13003AEYou have an irregular object, in 2D, given to you as a silhouette on a background. 

You take the volume of the irregular object.

You divide the irregular object via vertical lines; up to ten such lines.

You place the lines within the irregular object such that the lines represent some fraction of the volume.  That is, if 10:10:10:30:40 is input, then you drop four vertical lines, dividing the irregular object into areas of 10%, 10%, 10%, 30%, and 40%. 

As a bonus, you color the areas differently.

In the end, your project will look something like this (but with solid colors, rather than arty stuff):

And will be applied to something like this:
To be negotiated; inquire



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