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How to Work With Us

Please email any of our Bioinformaticians at bcg<at> for Information or Pricing regarding any of these Services


Walk-in Consultations

Consultants are available to discuss any bioinformatics or biocomputing questions, for up to an hour at a time. Appointments are highly recommended to ensure that a consultant is available.



Hourly Projects

Consultants can be hired on an hourly basis to work on well-defined problems, such as data analysis, pipelines, or scripting. For examples, see this link to standard pipelines on wiki

Long-Term Projects

For research projects where a research team requires CCBB's expertise on a more involved, collaborative basis, consultants can be hired for a fixed percentage of their time over a pre-defined time period.

Full Service Pipelines

Our Consulting Group can also perform standardized analyses for a minimal fee. Each pipeline is a "best practices" implementation of commonly cited, open-source tools and techniques appropriate to the data provided and questions asked. 

Pipelines available

DNA-Seq Variant Calling Pipeline: Identification and annotation of SNPs and/or somatic mutations compared to reference genome. 10 hour minimum ($470 internal, $600 external) per project.

RNA-Seq Analysis Pipeline: This pipeline uses an annotated genome to identify differential expressed genes/transcripts. 10 hour minimum ($470 internal, $600 external) per project.

RNA-Seq Downstream Analysis: Machine learning methods (including clustering, dimensionality reduction, classification and regression modeling, resampling techniques, etc.), ANOVA modeling, and empirical Bayes analysis. 12 hour minimum ($564 internal, $720 external) per project. This includes 1 hour of training, if needed.

Transcriptome Assembly: Assembly of RNA-seq short reads into a transcriptome. 12 hour minimum ($564 internal, $720 external) per project.

Protein Identification and Validation: Identify peptides/proteins given raw mass-spec data, 6 hour minimum ($282 internal, $360 external) per project.

Differential Protein Expression Analyses: Differential protein expression analyses, 6 hour minimum ($282 internal, $360 external) per project.

Post-translational modification (PTM) identification: Identify and analyze PTMs in large-scale, 12 hour minimum ($564 internal, $720 external) per project.

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