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Currently there are two options for entering job samples when requesting a new sequencing job.

  1. Manually:  You can enter jobs manually after filling out and submitting your job submission form.
    1. The maximum number of Manual entry samples allowed is 30.  If you have more than 30 samples please use the Attachment sample entry method (below).
    2. For more information please see Manual Job Sample Entry.
  2. Attachment:  You can also enter jobs by filling out GSAF's Sample Submission form and then attaching this to the job submission form.
    1. This option is recommended if you already have your sample information recorded in spreadsheet form and/or have more than 30 samples.
    2. It is highly recommended that you fill out the Sample Submission form before filling out the job submission form.
    3. For more information please see Job Sample Attachment.
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