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How to use our online job & sample submission system

If you have a UT EID you can submit samples using our wiki by clicking here.  If you don't have a UTEID, you can create a UT EID here and use that to submit samples using our wiki by clicking here. You don't need to be affiliated to UT to create an EID.

Once you have a UT EID or account you can do any of the following via this Wiki interface:

Additionally, if you are submitting a project other than a bacterial metagenomics project, you may do these things:

Attention Outside Users:  A purchase order will be required before we begin any work

Sample input guidelines

We have posted these guidelines for marking your tubes and what sample amount and concentration are needed for a wide variety of sample types.


Pricing information is available here


Shipping information is available here

If you don't understand a term

This Glossary of terms clarifies field definitions for these forms.

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