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In order to submit sample information by attachment:

  1. Download the Sample Submission Template here.
  2. Open the Sample Submission Template using a spreadsheet program (Excel, OpenOffice, etc.).
  3. Fill in all your sample information below the header columns (SampleName, Concentration, etc.).
    • Requirements for sample information:
      • Sample names must be unique (two samples cannot share the same name).
      • Samples names must not be longer than 10 characters. Permissible characters are alphanumeric and underscores.
      • You must fill out the following fields for every sample: Volume, Concentration, Min Reads Required for Sample, Max Reads Required for Sample, Library Prep Required.
      • Target reads must be at least 120% of Minimum reads (if purchasing by number of reads).
      • A barcode must be specificed if library prep is not required and it must be one of the following : BA (if requesting only Bioanalyzer), a DNA sequence no longer than 9 bp long, VxBCxx, RLxx, TSxx, or NFxx (where x is a digit).
    • For more information about the sample columns please see the Glossary.
  4. Save your document. 
  5. Begin a new Sequencing Job Request.
  6. For the 'Enter Job Samples' field select 'Attachment'.
    1. the 'Sample Upload File' field will show up below the 'Enter Job Samples' field.
    2. click on the 'Choose File' button and select your Sample Submission file that was filled above.
  7. Once you are finished filling out all other required fields click on the 'Submit and Add Sample Information' button.
  8. Your Sample Submission file will now be validated.
    1. If there are no errors with your sample submission file then you will proceed to the confirmation page (see below).
    2. If there is at least one error, you will be informed of the error and asked to resubmit a new sample file, which will be validated again.
    3. Your job submission is not finished until your sample submission file is valid.
  9. You will be taken to a new page:
    • The page will confirm your job submission.
    • A 'Request ID' will also be provided as confirmation;  this Request ID will be associated with your job submission until it is approved.
    • You will receive a confirmation email when the samples are done uploading.
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