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To submit a project to the GSAF:

  1. Log in (upper right corner - EID login required - if you don't have one, you can get one here)
  2. Create a New Job Request via our online project submission form
  3. Watch your email inbox for your job request to be reviewed and approved by the GSAF, you will receive an email confirming your request and then another once the job has been approved.   If you do not receive an email, the request has not been submitted to the GSAF.
  4. Bring your samples to the GSAF: MBB 3.210, or via mail

  5. Job Request will only be approved Monday thru Thursday, however you may still drop samples off on Fridays but only if you have a previously approved job number. 

You may create a Job Request with no obligation; it provides a price estimate and the option to save and come back later, submit or delete. You'll have a request ID until the GSAF checks everything over. Then you'll have a job ID and can submit samples.

Request ID's are 6-digit alphanumeric codes. Job numbers have the form, "JAnnnnn".

Use Comments at the bottom of every page for any questions or problems you have.  

You can view our upcoming sequencing run queues, modify a job request (before it starts), get in-process or historical reports for any job, get historical billing information sent to your PI, or get price estimates via the links below.

Attention Outside Users: You must generate a Purchase Order before the GSAF will begin any work

  • Please submit your job request, once it has been approved email the GSAF to request a formal quote (

Why does the GSAF make this process so hard?

We understand that from a user's perspective there are many choices and steps to submitting a project.  Our mission is to provide excellent data quality at the lowest price possible; achieving that mission requires us to be as productive and accurate as we possibly can.  To be productive and accurate, we have to have precise and complete information about every project.

The GSAF handles over 20 different projects per week on average with a relatively small staff.  That volume helps to keep costs down, but to keep up with that demand without adding staff requires us to collect a lot of information upfront.  And that volume is well beyond what any of us can keep in our memory without documentation.

We are working to improve our user interfaces and streamline submissions, but in the meantime we really appreciate the role you play in keeping costs low and throughput high by providing all the project details we ask for.

New Job Request: Submit new projects & samples here

To submit a new project or get detailed pricing information, use these links. You'll be given a 6-digit request ID to refer to your request later. Your requests stay here until you're ready to submit samples. You return to this link when you're ready to submit your samples.

1. Log in in the upper right corner.

2.  Use the online sample submission system  (you must log in first - upper right corner)

Sequencer Queues - are now located on a different page.

Modify Job Request: Change information on a submission before you submit your samples here

Return to Job Request

Use this with your 6 character request ID to modify job info in a previous request. You'll get an email confirming any changes.

Get pricing information

Click here to go to our pricing page.

Information on a current or previous job

Detailed job information report (Login required, top right corner)

Use this to enter a job number, even on closed jobs. Current active jobs are shown in the Current Job Status Summary Table.

Current job status summary

Shows a summary table of all current in-process jobs. You can click your job number in the table to get more info.

Historical billing information
 Test a new pricing calculator...
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