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  • Training presentation September of 2011
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GSAF September 2011 Training

In September, 2011 GSAF staff presented a three-section training on using the GSAF at UT to get NGS projects done. The full presentation can be found here. In outline, we presented:

What the GSAF does - from helping with experimental design through QC and library prep and into data analysis, see what the GSAF does day-to-day.

Application examples:

  1. Finding variants using "short-read" NGS platforms (Life Technologies SOLiD and Illumina HiSeq)
  2. Analyzing transcriptomes for gene expression and gene variants using short-read NGS platforms and
  3. de novo sequencing using both 454 and Illumina data
    we will:
    1. describe starting material requirements
    2. discuss a schematic of the prep method
    3. plot prep time, run time, and costs, and
    4. show a typical bioinformatic analysis pipeline (command names, what data looks like, etc.)

Training and links for our new Galaxy Workflow & Sample Submission system: a "How to work with the GSAF"

  1. Discussing projects & experimental design
  2. Getting a quote/checking the queue via Galaxy
  3. Submitting your samples
  4. Getting your results
  5. Analyzing your data on the GSAF server and at TACC
  6. Getting help
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