Software for IGRINS

IGRINS Pipeline Package (PLP)



IGRINS Plotspec

Can be used to process 1D and 2D data.  Mainly designed for extended emission line objects.  Includes code for building datacubes.

To download the latest version go to:

Written by Kyle Kaplan (

IGRINS Exposure Time Calculator (ETC),  Quick Look Package (QLP), and Mapping Files

Go to

IGRINS McDonald Observability

Python code for making finder charts for the slit-view camera FOV at McDonald Observatory in DS9.  Written by Kyle Kaplan (  Download below.

IGRINS Observability v1.6 is on GitHub: - Updated Oct. 20, 2016.  Default now is for the Discovery Channel Telescope.  To select the telescope you want to create finder charts for, copy the text in options_mcd.inp for McDonald or options_dct.inp for DCT to options.inp.


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