Complete Shutdown Procedure

This is essentially the startup procedure in reverse, but some steps are slightly different.

This procedure should only be completed by IGRINS instrument team members or properly trained observatory staff.

  1. Cover the IGRINS entrance window
    1. If the calibration unit is still on the cryostat, close the calibration unit slide window
    2. Otherwise, place the metal cover over the cryostat entrance window
  2. On the ICC shutdown the DTP, QLP, and SCP. It is useful to keep the HKP running for temperature monitoring and logging.

  3. Home the calibration motors:
    1. Open a terminal window and type “cd ~/igrins_admin”
    2. Type “python”, it will ask to close HKP. 
    3. Follow the commands of that program to home the motors (select "0" to initialize then "5" to exit).

  4. Detector Shutdown:
    1. Using “Remote Desktop Connection” log onto each of the three detector computers to shutdown the detectors and Jade2 cards.
      1. IP Addresses for each computer are listed here:
        1. SVC:
        2. H:
        3. K:
      2. When logged into Windows navigate to the “HXRG Testing Software” window.
      3. In the top left panel, press the “RESET ASIC” button. This will grey out most of the other options on the panel.
      4. In the top left panel, uncheck the “ASIC Main Power” box to power down the detector.
      5. Close the “HXRG Testing Software” window
      6. Navigate to the “HalServiceApp” window.
      7. Press the “Stop” button.
      8. Close the “HalServiceApp” window.
      9. Using the Windows Start menu shut down the computer. Answer the question regarding shutdown.

  5. Computer Shutdown:
    1. The IGRINS DSC will normally be left running at all times, but if you need to shut it down:
      1. On the ICC, open a “Remote Desktop Connection” to
      2. Once logged into the DSC, shut down the DSC with the normal Mac OSX shutdown command.
    2. Unless necessary, leave the ICC and HKP running to maintain temperature logging during warmup. Otherwise, shutdown the ICC using the normal Mac OSX shutdown command

  6. Instrument Disconnect:
    1. Turn off the helium compressor by flipping the white and yellow switches to the off position. This will stop cooling IGRINS.
    2. Wait at least one minute to release latent heat from the helium and then turn off the recirculating water chiller and the coolant booster pump.
    3. Remove the He flex lines and cover the ends with dust caps.
    4. Remove all electrical connections from the calibration unit
      1. Three Ethernet motor controllers
      2. Two locking power cables
      3. One locking circular connector

    2. Remove the Ethernet and power cables from each of the Jade2 cards.
    3. Turn off the main power to the electronics box and secure all remaining cables to the box.
    4. Remove the orange IGRINS fiber connection from the network switch in the electronics box.
    5. The calibration unit may be removed or left on the cryostat at this time.

  7. The shutdown procedure is now complete and IGRINS can be stored. Refer to the other notes on opening in the lab and transport.

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