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Verify Your Hardware

Confirm that you have your microphone and webcam properly installed and setup.

Check your System Requirements for compatibility with Zoom.

Installing Zoom

Check if you already have the Zoom application installed on your computer:

  1. Windows: Navigate to Start > Scroll Start Menu to Zoom folder > Click "Start Zoom".
  2. Macintosh: Launch Finder > navigate to your Applications Folder > Zoom application will be listed.

If you have a University-owned laptop, you might need Admin permission on your computer to install Zoom applications, plugins, and extensions.

 Zoom directly from any of the following links:


Sign into the Zoom Desktop Client

  1. Click Sign In if you want to log in and start or schedule your own meeting. 
    1. 'Join a Meeting' will be used by participants (students).
  2. Choose: Sign In with SSO
  3. Enter your company domain: utexas
  4. Click continue
  5. A browser window will open, then Enter your UT EID and Password.

  6. You are now logged into the Zoom client! This is the Home tab.
  7. From here you can join, schedule, and start Zoom meetings.

Install the Zoom App for Mobile (iOS or Android)

  1. Zoom is also available for your mobile device, you can download it here:
    1. Zoom Download in the Apple Store
    2. Google Download in the Google Play Store

Authorizing Zoom in Canvas

Zoom provides an integration with Canvas that makes it very easy to set up class sessions, whether they be lectures, discussion sections, or any other meeting. These sessions are then automatically placed on participants' calendars within Canvas.

To begin using Zoom through Canvas, you'll first have to authorize it. This will only need to be done the first time you use Zoom.

To authorize Zoom to be used in Canvas:

  1. Open any one of your courses in Canvas
  2. From the sidebar, select "Zoom"
  3. When prompted, click "Authorize"
  4. Once authorized, you will see the following Zoom integration page that lists all your Zoom Meetings

    Unless you check the "Show my course meetings only" checkbox, this view will list all of your Zoom meetings, not just the meetings for this course.

Uninstall Zoom Application


Please refer here for guidance on how to uninstall the Zoom Desktop client on a Macintosh computer:


  1. Right click on the Start  icon.
  2. Go to Control Panel
  3. Find Zoom Application listed
  4. Choose Zoom Application and select 'Remove/Uninstall'
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