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1. Introduction

LANrev and Jamf are IT systems management applications for Windows and Mac operating systems utilized by Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services (LAITS) staff. 

LAITS uses LANrev and Jamf for the administration and support of computers within our fleet.  With over 6,000 computers supported by LAITS, such tools are essential in making desktop support and computer inventory both efficient and effective.

To protect your privacy, access is limited to your LAITS technical support staff, LAITS IT Managers, and the campus Information Security Office.  These are professionals who hold Positions of Special Trust.  They are bound by policies, ethics, and professionalism so as to not abuse the access or information that LANrev and Jamf provide. All technical support staff are required to adhere to the Information Security Office's Information Resources Use and Security Policy.

LANrev and Jamf are used for several purposes, including: 

2. Computer Inventory

The primary use of LANrev and Jamf is to provide us with an inventory of the computers on campus.  These tools can provide details about a computer's resources, such as the amount of memory and its processor speed.  This information is useful to technical support staff when resolving technical issues or determining which computers are in need of upgrading or replacement.  In addition, LANrev and Jamf are used as the authoritative record for computer assignment, as well as its recorded location.

3. Software Updates

LANrev and Jamf can be used to push out new software to a group of computers.  This is useful in administering computer labs and is significantly more efficient than manually installing the software on each computer individually.  Technical support staff will push critical software updates to faculty and staff computers when deemed necessary, but in normal operation, the usage of this feature will be limited to the request of the user.

4. Remote Support

These tools can also be used to remotely support computers.  Using LANrev and Jamf, technical support staff are able to view your screen as you see it and assist you with resolving technical issues.  Remote viewing on a computer is only performed with the consent of the user.  Finding details about which websites a user visits or what is contained within personal files or email, although technically possible, would violate the policies and ethics of our support professional positions.  It is our policy to respect your privacy and to not abuse the access to computers, per our commitment to our users.

5. Our Commitment to Your Privacy

  • We promise not to use LANrev or Jamf to peruse your personal files, email, or the websites you visit.
  • The version of LANrev or Jamf we deploy cannot access or control your computer camera, and we promise not to use any other software to access or control your computer camera. 
  • We promise not to use LANrev or Jamf to remotely access your computer without your consent.
  • We promise to uphold our Positions of Special Trust and hold anyone accountable who abuses this authority.
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