Faculty who need to request new software be made available to students should email paul.bartel@mccombs.utexas.edu. When making your request, please be sure to specify whether or not your students will need to use the software during class time or exams and provide a minimum two week lead time to allow for software testing and deployment. Please provide any necessary licensing information as required for all software requests. Only software that is used during class or exams will be installed either in the Mod Lab or on the Mobile Lab.

If you plan to have your students use the software during class or exams, you have three alternatives for doing so.

  1. Meet in the Mod Lab.

This is the most common option. If you plan to meet in the Mod Lab you need to reserve the lab for that day and time. You can make your request at https://reservations.utexas.edu/emswebapp. For more information about policies regarding lab reservation, please visit www.mccombs.utexas.edu/tech/labs/reservations

2. Use the Mobile Lab Cart

This option is available when you have need of computers and the Mod Lab is either not available or isn’t sufficient for your needs and you have another space available within the CBA/GSB buildings. If you need the laptops outside of the CBA/GSB buildings, you will need to arrange for pickup and return of the laptops outside of Computer Services; rolling the carts on any surface except building floors will damage the laptops. Please keep in mind that where you are meeting will need to have power outlets available except in rare circumstances. There are 5 carts available with 20 laptops on each. If you would like to reserve the laptops, please contact paul.bartel@mccombs.utexas.edu with enough lead time to make sure the laptops will meet your needs.

3. Have students bring their own laptops

This is generally done only for graduate classes, although it is possible for undergraduate classes as well. if you choose this option be sure that you students have had the opportunity to install the required software in advance unless you plan to have them install it as part of the class.

Regardless of which of these options you choose, if you require any software that is not currently available please be sure to request it as well. If you are reserving the Mod Lab, you will have the opportunity to request additional software on the reservation request form.

Faculty who would like to reserve the Mod Lab for class time or for exams should make their request using the web form at https://reservations.utexas.edu/emswebapp.

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