MBA Orientation is an online registration site for orientation for incoming MBA students. This site also has an administrative interface that enables MBA Orientation admins to manage the population, payments, and reporting.

Using MBA Orientation for incoming students allows us to: 

  • Require users to log in securely before being able to use the registration website.
  • Validate user accounts against the McCombs Online Resources Server. McCombs School of Business, additionally supports UT-EID authentication.
  • Opportunity to complete a personal profile for: The McCombs Online Resources Directory, MBA Face Book Directory, Face Card, Event Planning, Course Planning, and Team Balancing.
  • Registration for: Technology sessions during Orientation week, Accounting Boot Camp
  • Reservations for guest tickets for Orientation events: Opening Banquet, Cohort Olympics, Salt Lick Barbecue.
  • Opportunity to complete a roomate profile, Find a roommate, Make credit card payments for Orientation fee, guest tickets and Boot Camp.
  • Confirmation on all registrations, reservations, and payments.
  • As Administrators, Restricts access to an authorized subset of users (such as departmental students, faculty, and staff, alumni), either at all times or for a period of time.
  • As Administrators, the ability to update records, manage payments, administrate Boot Camps and Events, Obtain reporting for data collected from MBA Orientation students; Required Components, T-shirts, Face Book, Cohort and Team Sorting, and Technology Sessions
  • Log usage and other activity.