MBA student organizations can easily communicate internally by using distribution lists. A distribution list appears as a name (and email address) in Outlook’s Global Address List (GAL). When an email is sent to that email address, each person on the list gets an email in their personal mailbox. Distribution lists are not mailboxes on the server.

Student organizations have two types of distribution lists. The first is called the President Group. There is only one President Group distribution list per student organization. The second is the Membership Group. Each organization can have one or more Membership Group distribution lists.

President Group

Each MBA student org has a distribution list called a President Group (for example “Sports, Entertainment and Media Association”). Members of this group are the organization president and possibly other officers. They are added and removed by the MBA Program Office. Emails sent to this distribution list go to individual mailboxes of members of the President Group.
Any requests for changes to this group should go to the MBA Program Office.

Permissions/Responsibilities of the President Group

  • Receive general inquiries about the group in their personal mailboxes.
  • Send email from the president group email address (the address inquiries are sent to). Instructions
  • Add/remove members from the membership group distribution list. Instructions

Membership Groups

The Membership Group is a distribution list filled with the members of the organization. Some orgs only have one membership group. For example, Graduate Women in Business has only one Membership Group, and emails to that distribution list go to all members. Other groups, such as Sports, Entertainment and Media Association, have a Membership Group for each program year. In this case, the Membership Groups are SEMA 2011 and SEMA 2012.

To request changes to a Membership Group, like a different name or a new distribution list, a member of the President Group must contact the MBA Program Office.

These Membership Groups are the distribution lists to which the org president will send his or her messages to reach the group members. So, to send an email to their organization, an org president or officer would put the Membership Group(s) in the To field and the President Group in the From field.