The MPA/PPA Graduation Manager is a comprehensive online system for gathering and manipulating MPA/PPA student information related to graduation. A very similar system was created for the MBA Program Office which mirrors the functionality of this system.

The MPA/PPA Graduation Manager allows us to:

  • Create online surveys to gather student satisfaction, RSVP, and graduation commencement information from students who are preparing to graduate at the next commencement ceremony.
  • Require that a student satisfaction survey be completed before the graduation application(survey) can be completed.
  • Place surveys online for specified periods or place surveys on/offline at any time.
  • Generate reports of aggregate data, including various demographic data for the survey population as a whole.
  • Generate reports of individual applicant survey responses.
  • Provide online instructions to students to guide them through the process of preparing for graduation.
  • Provide students with a link to their contact information so that they may update it if required.
  • Require secure login via UTDirect EID.