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Checking Your McCombs Mailbox Size

Mailbox size limits:

Faculty/staff = 1 GB

Full-time MBA and MSF students = 1 GB

Other students who entered McCombs before Summer 2012 (who are not forwarding) = 100 MB

All other students who entered McCombs in Summer 2012 or later (you may not disable forwarding, only forward your mail elsewhere) = 2 MB

If your mailbox exceeds your size limit, you will be unable to send or receive email until you free up space. You can check your mailbox size to ensure you are under the limit.

Using Outlook

  1. In the column on the left, right click on Mailbox - Your Name.
  2. Select Properties.
  3. Click the Folder Size button
  4. You may see tabs for Local data and Server data. If so, go to the Server data tab.*
  5. Look at the Total Size. This is the size of your mailbox in KB. Roughly 1,000 KB = 1 MB. You can see which folders are problem areas by scrolling through the subfolder list. Usually problem areas include Deleted Items, Inbox, and Sent Items.

*  Local data is the size of your local .ost file, the file Outlook creates to store local information for when you don't have an Internet connection as well as any settings you've changed. Local data size is generally unimportant; only server data is affected by your mailbox limit.

Using Outlook Web Access

Note: You must use the full version of OWA for this feature. Use Internet Explorer to get OWA's full version. All other browsers will give you OWA Light, which does not have this feature.

  1. Move your mouse to hover over your mailbox name in the folder list.
  2. A pop-up box will appear telling you your current mailbox size.

For help cleaning out your mailbox, see Mailbox Cleanup.