Matlab is a computational environment and programming language used in analysis of large data sets.

  • Where Available: Mod Lab, Student Computer, RPC
  • Source: (search for Matlab in the product search box); employees should contact MSB Computer Services
  • Cost: $99 for students; free for employees
  • Courses: MIS 381N, FIN 372, MS Business Analytics courses
  • Platform: Windows, Mac
  • Online Training:

As a UT student you have free access to professional online training videos from Where Lynda has specific training videos on course software used at the McCombs School of Business you can find a link to those videos in the software details for that application (note: If you click on a link to a Lynda video you will need to click "Log in" at the top right hand corner of the Lynda page, and type in the "Log in through your organization or school" section). You can learn more about free training from at Lynda at McCombs



A student version of Matlab is distributed in a package along with Simulink from the Campus Computer Store. It currently costs $99. It includes a perpetual license that does not need to be renewed. IROM and Finance courses use this software. PhD students who hold an faculty or staff appointment may obtain a license for Matlab at not additional cost. All other students need to purchase the student license from the campus computer store.

Matlab is also one of the applications available on the Stat Apps terminal server maintained by the Department of Statistics and Data Sciences. For more information about this server please visit


UT has negotiated an academic license that allows  for MATLAB to be installed on any University owned computer and for employees (including student employees such as RAs and TAs) to install it onto their personally owned computers.

Employees should follow the procedure below to obtain their own copy of Matlab:

  1.  Connect to and create a MATHWORKS profile
    1. Be sure to use a UT affiliated email address, such as,,, or
    2. Be sure to enter your UT college, school or unit as the Department under the contact information. All McCombs employees should enter "McCombs School of Business".
    3. Your account will not be granted access to UT licensed software without the above information. If you already have a personal MATHWORKS account that you do not want to change, you will need to create another account as described above. All other information is optional.
  2. Open an ITS Help Desk request ticket at and request that ITS associate your MATHWORK account with the UT Matlab license.
    1. In your request, provide your First Name, Last Name, and Email Address as you entered them in your MATHWORKS profile.
  3. Wait for an ITS Help Desk response telling you that your MATHWORKS account has been successfully associated with the UT license
    1. The response will also provide instructions for downloading Matlab from your MATHWORK accounts. The instructions will essentially will involve the following:
      1. Log into your account at
      2. Your main account page will contain a prominent download link for the current version of Matlab.
      3. It will also contain information about activating Matlab once you install it and also information about downloading other products.

What Matlab Software Has UT Licensed for Employees?

A current list of all the UT licensed Matlab related products that can be downloaded from your MATHWORKS account is listed at Since the UT academic license is updated annually, the specific list of products covered is subject to change.