Forwarding Your Email With Office 365:

With Office365, forwarding for your McCombs email will no longer be managed through the McCombs Online Resources (MOR) site. You can now manage your forwarding through Outlook Web Access (OWA). MOR will only be used to manage forwarding for your accounts after graduation.

Setting Up Forwarding:

The first step is to log into Outlook Web Access.

  1. Make sure you know your MSB Account, both your MSB Number and the password for this account. If you're not sure what your MSB Number or password are, visit the password change site (
  2. Navigate to
  3. Enter "" for the username. For example:
  4. Enter the password for your MSB account. Again, if you're not sure of the password you can reset it at the password change site.

Next, click on the gear icon on the top right-hand side of the page in OWA. From that menu, click the "Options" link as highlighted in the image below.

OWA Settings Menu

On the "Options" menu, select "Forwarding" from the Accounts section.

In the Forwarding dialog that appears after clicking the Forwarding link in the Options menu, enter the email address you want your McCombs email to be forwarded to.

We recommend you check the box to keep a copy of your forwarded messages. That way you'll be able to log back into OWA and view all your messages should you ever have an issue with forwarding.

After entering your forwarding email address, click "Save" and your email will begin forwarding. To turn off forwarding, log into OWA following these steps and select the "Stop Forwarding" option from the Forwarding menu and hit "Save".

If you have questions or concerns, contact the SWAT desk.

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