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Access to Decision Tools during the pandemic

The physical labs and walk up help desk some students typically rely on to run Decision Tools or obtain help installing it will not be available until Spring 2021. If you require Decision Tools for your course work in Summer or Fall 2020 please follow the steps below.

  1. First install Decision Tools as you would normally be expected to do:
    1. If you are a Windows user you should download Decision Tools from and install it directly onto your own computer.
    2. If you are a Mac user you should first follow the instructions at Installing OVA files with VirtualBox on a Mac to set up a Windows Virtual Machine (VM) on your Mac. Then download Decision Tools from and install it directly into the VM.
  2. If you experience problems installing Decision Tools or a Windows VM you should submit a help request at
  3. Someone from the McCombs Service Desk will reply and assist you via email if they can or else they will schedule a time to assist you via an individual Zoom remote support session if needed.
  4. If an unexpectedly large number of students require remote assistance, then the Service Desk will schedule group Zoom remote support sessions for you to sign up for.
  5. If the Service Desk is unable to resolve your issue, you will be asked to connect to certain remotely available lab computers at in order to run Decision Tools.

Decision Tools is a set of Microsoft excel add-ins for risk and decision analysis. It includes @Risk, StatTools, PrecisionTree, TopRank and other Excel add ins. It is a commercial product from Palisade Corporation. The McCombs School of Business has negotiated a number of licenses for student use. You will need to install Microsoft Office (free Office 365 subscription) first if you are installing Decision Tools on your computer -

Attention Mac Users

This software is only available for Windows. To install this onto a Macintosh you should first create a virtual machine on your computer and install Microsoft Windows and Office into it. If you do not currently have a Windows VM available on your computer (or a dual boot Mac/Windows computer), then you have a couple of options:

  1. Obtain a VirtualBox VM created by Computer Services that has DTools already installed. You can visit the SWAT Shop to request assistance in installing this VM or you can install it yourself by following the instructions at Installing OVA files using VirtualBox on a Mac

  2. Use one of the computers setup in the NRG Reading Room (CBA 4.112A).