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SQL Server client tools are used by various departments and classes to connect directly to a SQL Server databases. The current version of SQL Server supported by the McCombs School of Business is SQL Server 2008 R2.

Installation steps

1. Connect to the University of Texas COE software download page and download Microsoft SQL 2008 Management Studio Express.

2. Windows XP users must also download and install the Microsoft .Net 4.0 Framework and the Microsoft Installer 4.5.

3. Start the SQL Server Installation by clicking on the downloaded file.

4. When the SQL Server Installation screen appears, select 'Installation' in the left zone and 'New SQL Server stand-alone installation' in the right zone.

5. Accept all defaults on setup screens until you reach Feature Selection screen and select both "Management Tools - Basic" and "SQL Client Connectivity SDK".

6. Complete the installation.

Connecting to a database

1. If you are connecting from off campus ensure that you are connected to the University of Texas network using VPN.

2. In the start menu of your computer select SQL Server Management Studio in the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 folder.

3. Type in the name of server name you wish to connect to.

4. Select Authentication type (Windows Authentication) or (SQL Server Authentication).

5. For SQL Server Authentication you will be prompted to type in a User Name and Password.

6. Upon login to the server you will have access to the database you have been granted access to by the database support team.

Software download sites

1. University of Texas COE software download page

2. Microsoft .Net 4.0 Framework

3. Microsoft Installer 4.5

Other database related issues

If you are not able to connect or are having other database related issues, contact the database support team.