If you are having problems connecting to the UT wireless network:

1. Make sure your computer's wireless access is enabled. Turning on and off your wireless access varies based on your computer and operating system. You may have turned wireless off using a physical button on the computer, or disabled it through the operating system's connection settings.

2. If this is the first time you have used wireless on campus, make sure your computer is finding the wireless access point guest.utexas.edu. Some computers will automatically try to connect to the last wireless network you used; you will need to make sure it finds the guest network.

3. Make sure you have authenticated on the system. Once you have connected to guest.utexas.edu, you will need to open an Internet browser and log in with your UT-EID and password when prompted.

4. If you have not connected to the restricted.utexas.edu network, follow the setup instructions. See the ITS Wireless page for more information.

5. If you have any other problems with the wireless network, visit the SWAT Shop (CBA 1.328) or the ITS Help Desk.