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If you want to host a Zoom meeting in which you are planning to hire an interpreter, using Zoom’s built in interpreter function can help facilitate the interpretation of the message to the desired participants.

  • You will need to start by logging into the Zoom account you plan to Schedule the Meeting from on
  • Navigate to the settings tab on the left side of the window.

  • Navigate to the “In Meeting (Advanced)” tab

  • Make sure that the button to the right of the “Language Interpretation” field is selected and that the languages you are having interpreted are listed below the field.


  • Now that you have confirmed that you will be able to enable the Language Interpret function for your profile, schedule your meeting in the Meetings tab. At the bottom of the scheduling page you will see a checkbox named "Enable Language Interpretation." Make sure that the box is checked.

  • Once the box is checked you will be required to enter the email that is associated with the zoom account of your interpreter. You will not be able to move on to the next step without entering this email. You will also need to select which language the interpreter is translating from and to (Ex. English to Spanish) then click Save.
    • Note: If you expect audience engagement between participants that do not speak the same language it is best to have 2 interpreters.
  • When you Start your meeting click the “Interpretation” button

  • The interpretation window will display the names of the interpreters currently in the meeting. If they have not joined the meeting yet the name field will display "(not joined)." Once your interpreter has joined the meeting you will need to click the Start button in the bottom right corner of the window for your participants to have the option to hear the interpreter.

(Not Joined)


  • Now your participants will be able to select which language they wish to hear the meeting in.


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