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Obtaining a BRCF Account

Access to the PODs is controlled by BRCF (RCTF) accounts. To access a POD you will first need to request a BRCF account if you don't already have one.

To request a RCTF account, go to

 Note: Access to this web site is only available from the UT campus network (excluding Dell Medical School) or using the UT VPN service.

Account request process steps

  1. Go to and use the "New Account Request" form (button) to sign up for an account.
  2. Upon a successful submission of the Account Request form, an BRCF account will be created but you will not yet have access to any POD resources.
  3. Based on the Affilitation(s) you indicated in your account information, your resource request will be directed to a POD account manager who will review your request and grant you access to the appropriate POD Resources.
  4. To see what BRCF POD resources have been made available to you, log in to the BRCF Account Management website
  5. Once you have been granted resources on one or more PODs, you can access those resources as described at POD Resources and Access.

TACC Accounts

Having a TACC account is no longer needed for most POD users.  However, it is still needed for POD owners so that we can archive their data to TACC's ranch tape archive system.

See TACC Information for more information on getting TACC and ranch accounts.

Updating RCTF passwords and account information

Password can only be updated using the BRCF Account Management website. This allows BRCF to capture password changes in one place then deploy those changes to multiple servers.

 Note: The passwd password-change program has been disabled on all compute servers to enforce this restriction.

To update your BRCF password, go to the change password form ( Password changes will propagate to your authorized computing servers within a few hours.

To update your contact information and affiliations, go to, login, and use the Update contact info form. Except for the username and EID fields, all other fields in your account record can be updated.

Resetting a forgotten password

If you have forgotten your BRCF account password, you won't be able to login to the BRCF Account Management website. However, you can still reset your password provided you have an active UT EID.

  1. Go to the BRCF Account Request web application.
  2. Click on the menu bar in the upper right hand of the page (it is the icon with 3 horizontal bars)
    1. You should see a 1/2 page of options
  3. Alternatively, here is a direct link to the password reset page:
  4. Enter your UT EID and corresponding password
    1. Your BRCF user name should appear in the Username field
  5. Enter your desired BRCF password (and confirm it), then Submit.

You should now be able to logon to the BRCF Account Request web application with your BRCF user name and new password. The password change will propagate to your authorized compute servers within a few hours.

Educational POD Accounts

The Educational POD uses UT EID accounts instead of BRCF accounts.  For more information on the Educational POD see The Educational POD.

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