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The proper procedure for returning assignments and exams to students is to distribute them to individual students during class, office hours, or at the conclusion of a final exam. If you place graded items in a box in a public place for self-service retrieval, each paper/tape/exam/etc. must be in a separate, sealed, and labeled envelope outside your office.

For students who want to get their material back, we suggest that you request that they provide you with a self-addressed stamped envelope. We have noticed that few students pick up their work from the boxes left in the RTF office and even fewer students do so after final exams. Following this procedure will eliminate the mess in the department mailroom and will expedite your return of work to those students who really want it.

If neither of the above methods will work for you, you may use the RTF office as a drop-off and pick-up point for student work, but please help the staff out by:

  • providing us with a labeled box prior to the day the assignments are due, with each item in a separate, sealed, and labeled envelope. You may ask the students to provide the envelope, and
  • leaving the assignments for student pick-up in the office until only one day after the final exam scheduled date.

Retaining Material

You are required to retain unreturned student material (assignments and exams) for one long semester after the semester in which the work is done. However, one year is recommended. A long semester is either the fall or spring semester.