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Register for Dissertation Hours

Students must register for STM X99W in each semester that you register for dissertation hours, from the semester you advance to candidacy until your semester of graduation. The X indicates the number of hours for which a student enrolls. For example, STM 399W equals three hours of the first semester of dissertation, 699W equals six hours, and 999W equals nine hours. 

Oral Defense

All students are required to complete an oral defense of their dissertation to the satisfaction of their committee. Dissertation Committee Members need at least one week to review the dissertation before the oral defense. At least 3 Committee Members must participate the Defense; virtual participation, for ex., via Skype, is acceptable. 

More information can be found in the Graduate Catalog.

Students should review the Deadlines and Submission Instructions for Graduation that need to be followed during the graduating semester.

The student's doctoral program is complete upon a successful defense of the dissertation.

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