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Developed by Esri Labs, ArcGIS 360 VR app allows users to quickly immerse themselves into static 3D city models and comparing different urban design scenarios. Once immersed in the environment, the user can toggle between different point of views and scenarios by looking down at the menu in the virtual environment.

Creating VR Experiences

Urban environments modeled in the Esri 3D modeling software, CityEngine, can be exported as a VR experience and explored using Samsung Gear VR headset with the Oculus platform. By joining the Esri Labs project, you could acquire a promo code to access the app on Oculus on your Samsung device. Once you are done creating your models, you can export them as a 360 VR experience, choosing scenarios, layers, and bookmarked views you wish to export. Next step is to upload the .3VR file to an account's content and share the file publicly to be able to access it in the ArcGIS 360 VR environment.


Modeling with CityEngine

CityEngine utilizes a procedural modeling process for 3D modeling urban areas which uses GIS data and CGA (Computer Generated Architecture) rules to create simplified models in real time. This allows for modeling large areas and multiple scenarios quickly and applying edits on the go as a certain project is being developed. This capability of the software has been utilized in the planning/design industry for creating and editing urban areas while evaluating scenarios based on the requirements they meet. Also, the entertainment industry has become an avid user of the software to create virtual cities for VFX applications in movies or video games.

Model generation video

(Sample video of model generation)

CityEngine in Action:

Training Resources for CityEngine: