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The following is a list of the main production software provided in the SOA computer classrooms.

Requests to add or remove software for the fall/spring semester should be submitted to LAITS by June 15th each year. Requests made after this date for the upcoming academic year may not be included due to the time required for testing the updated build.

Updated: July 9th, 2018
Build Version: 2018-2019

Information on software licensing is here: Software Licensing



App NameLicense termsLicense expiry dateVersionSPNotes
FireAMPUT common goodcontact ITS

SOA specific installer package
MS DotNetRedistributable with OSN/A4.x

MS Office 2016UT common goodcontact ITS20161
Mozilla FirefoxOpen sourceN/Alatest rev
latest revision available as of the build date. 
Google ChromeFreewareN/Alatest rev
latest revision available as of the build date. 
QuicktimeFreewareN/Alatest rev
latest revision available as of the build date. 
VirtualDubGNU General Public LicenseN/Alatest rev

VLCx64GNU General Public License v2 (GPL)N/A2.2.4


ArcGIS ProSite license, managed by LAITS
all campus GIS installers at:
ArcGIS for DesktopSite license, managed by LAITScontact LIATS10.5.1

ArcGIS for Desktop Background GeoprocessingSite license, managed by LAITScontact LIATSN/A

ArcGIS Data Interoperability for DesktopSite license, managed by LAITScontact LIATSN/A

ArcGIS Data Reviewer for DesktopSite license, managed by LAITScontact LIATSN/A

ArcGIS Workflow Manager for DesktopSite license, managed by LAITScontact LIATSN/A

CityEngine 2018Site license, managed by LAITScontact LIATS2018
Functions under local admin only.  Special install. 
Envision Tomorrow ArcGIS PluginOpen sourceN/A10.4.1_v3.6.0

Sketchup6 ESRI PluginFreewareN/A

Add GTFS to a Network Dataset Plugin

BetterBusBuffers Plugin

ArcPad 10.2.4Site license, managed by ATScontact ATS10.2.4


Rhino 6.xSite licenseperpetual6.x

Rhino 5.x Service ReleaseIncluded with site licensesee abovelatest rev


WeaverbirdFreewareN/Alatest rev
Grasshopper Plugin
Paneling ToolsFreewareN/Alatest rev

Grasshopper Plugin

LadybugFreewareN/Alatest rev

Grasshopper Plugin

HoneybeeFreewareN/Alatest rev

Grasshopper Plugin

LunchboxFreewareN/Alatest rev

Grasshopper Plugin

KangarooFreewareN/Alatest rev

Grasshopper Plugin

KarambaFreewareN/Alatest rev

Grasshopper Plugin

GHPythonFreewareN/Alatest rev

Grasshopper Plugin

SectionToolsFreewareN/Alatest rev

Grasshopper Plugin

DIVAEducational LicenseN/Alatest rev
latest revision available as of the build date.    30 day trial install performed before class 
Python 3.xFreewareN/Alatest rev

PufferfishFreewareN/Alatest rev

Grasshopper Plugin

Rhino Cam

Fab ToolsFreewareN/Alatest rev

Grasshopper Plugin

BifocalFreewareN/Alatest rev

Grasshopper Plugin

Human UIFreewareN/Alatest rev
Tool BoxFreewareN/Alatest rev

Grasshopper Plugin

DaysimFreewareN/Alatest rev

Grasshopper Plugin

RadienceFreewareN/Alatest rev

Grasshopper Plugin

V-Ray for Rhino

latest rev


Google Sketchup 2018Site license (25 seats), renewed annually30 Sep 2017latest rev
latest revision available as of the build date.
Google Earth ProFreewareN/A7.1.1.1580

OpenStudioGNU Lesser General Public LicenseN/A2.5.0

Must be installed before ArcGIS.  Will break GIS suite.

ResultsViewer (select only that component in installer) from OpenStudio 2.2

OpenStudio Sketchup Plugin (Euclid)GNU Lesser General Public LicenseN/A0.9.3


3DS Max 2019Educational license (free)N/A2019.001
vRay for 3DS Max 3.5Site license (60 seats), renewed annually<date>3.x
Network License
Redshift GPU RendererEducational license (free)N/Av2.6.12
Installed after 3DS Max. Render Engine (works with 3DS Max, Maya, Cinema4D, Houdini, Katana)  NVidia GPU with CUDA compute capability 3.0 or higher and 4GB VRAM
StingrayEducational license (free)N/A1.8.x
3D game engine and real-time rendering software w/3DS Max plugin
Royal RenderSite license, maintenance contract optionalN/A8.1.x (latest rev)
Installed after Rhino, 3DS Max, Vray Plugins, Vray Stand Alone
EnscapeEducational license (free)

Revit 2019Educational license (free)N/A2019.00
See Revit Options to verify GPU compliance
AutoCAD Architecture 2019Educational license (free)N/A2019.00

AutoCAD 2019Educational license (free)N/A2019.00

AutoCAD Civil3D 2019Educational license (free)N/A2019.00

Mudbox 2018Educational license (free)N/A2018.00

DynamoEducational license (free)N/A2.0.1
RecapProEducational license (free)N/A2019.00

RhynamoOpen sourceN/Alatest rev
This package is user specific and does not work with all users.
Autodesk GPU Specific DriversRedistributable with hardwareN/ARevit Compliant
Graphics Hardware search for Revit:

Adobe CC

Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Dimension, Acrobat, Audition, Bridge, Camera Raw
ArtSTOREducational license (free)N/Alatest rev
latest revision available as of the build date. 
ArcadeGNU General Public LicenseN/A4.4.5

Endnote X3Site license, maintenance contract optionalN/A



Energy PlusOpen sourceN/A8.3.3

MIG ImPlan 3.0Site license, maintenance contract optionalN/A3.1.1.x
Functions under local admin only.  Special install. 
ShopBot PartworksSite license, maintenance contract optionalN/A3.5 2-2013

VCarve Pro Shopbot Edition v7.5Site license, maintenance contract optionalN/A7.50
Licensing through Shopbot.
VCarve Pro 8.0Site license, maintenance contract optionalN/A8.0
Licensing through AXYZ ( )
PuttyOpen course (MIT license)N/Alatest rev
latest revision available as of the build date. 
SSH Secure ShellFreewareN/Alatest rev
latest revision available as of the build date. 
SOA Fonts Package (GrilliType)Site licenseN/A

DIN OT Collection, Helvetica Family, GT Sectra
TransCAD 5.0Educational license, 12 USB license donglesN/A, maintenance contract optional5.00

Unity Game Engine

Unreal Game Engine

WUFI 5Educational license (free)N/A5.00

Grasshopper Plugin

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