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As previously described, the new website centers around user-created content, which is then selected to be part of a curated home page. With this in mind, the two most important things to consider when creating content, it is the content type and the visual representation. Without these, content may not be appropriately categorized and/or may not be chosen to be highlighted on the home page. Please note that pages on the site that aggregate lists of other pages (known as Views) are only editable by the UTSOA webmaster.

Below is a listing of the content types that available for creation, and some simple definitions to aid the decision of which content type to choose. Please contact the SOA IT Office if you would like further clarification.

Content type definitions:

  • Event
    • An exhibit, symposium, talk, workshop, or other event that should be on the public UTSOA website. 
      Note: An event may have multiple videos and images.

  • Headline
    • Articles about UTSOA life and work. 
      Note: Multiple headlines may be compiled for email newsletters.

  • Page
    • Static content, such as an 'International Summer Programs in Urban Design'.

  • Publication
    • Either an issue of a series or a stand-alone project.

  • Work
    • Project created by one or more UTSOA students, faculty, alumni, or staff. 
      Note: Each work can have multiple images or videos. 

  • Course (administrators only)
    • The description of a course in held in a particular semester by a specific instructor. For example, 'Methodologies of Architectural History,' taught by Christopher Long in Fall 2013.
      Note: Creation of this content type is limited to a small group of faculty and staff, and is updated at the beginning of each semester.

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