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Diagram/Overview of Layout

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None of the changes on any tab are saved until you click the green 'Save' button at the bottom!

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Accessing the Headline Editor

  • Once you have logged in, you can begin creating Work content by going to My Workbench, clicking the Create Content tab, and choosing the content type 'Headline'
    Note: This can be accessed immediately by going to the admin menu and navigating to 
    My Workbench > Create Content > Headline

  • This brings you to the 'Headline' content editing interface.  On the left, you will see a list of tabs to navigate the data for this piece of content. 

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Adding General Information

  • A title and media are required before you can publish the content.
  • The Description section uses the same basic text editor found throughout the site and instructions can be found here: Text Editor
  • The 'media' section is where you can add visual representations of the headline. Click 'Add another item' to get more places to add media, and click the four-way arrow to the left of an item and drag it to the desired position to reorganize.
    More information on how to add media can be found here: Media Uploader & Linking Existing Media

If you do not have any media to upload, please feel free to use images available from the VRC's resources:

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Adding Detail Information

  • You can check the box for one or more programs that are involved in this headline.
  • To add individual people who are involved in this headline, begin typing any part of their name, then click their name from the list that appears. If you don't see their name right away, continue typing their full name.
    The circle in the corner of the field indicates the system is still searching; this may take a few moments if the name is common.
    Note: This system searches for names as they appear in the UTDirectory, which for example means you may need to enter 'Robert' for 'Rob'.
  • Once you select the name, confirm that a number appears after their name. Without this number, they will not be linked properly.
  • Click 'Add another item' to add additional people to the headline and click the four-way arrow to the left of a name and drag it to the desired position to reorganize.

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Promotion settings

  • This tab will show you if your content has been 'promoted'; if it has been selected to be promoted, it will display on the home page.
    Note: Only administrators can select content to be promoted to the home page. 

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